To Our External Tour Contacts and Self-Guided Visitors

We are pleased to announce that effective January 1, 2021, external tours will be resuming within the Capitol building. While we are all looking forward to seeing external tours back in our beautiful building again, we recognize that there are some changes that will be necessary moving forward in order to ensure that these guests have a safe and positive experience while learning about and exploring the art and architecture at the Capitol.
For that reason, the following guidelines will apply to all external tour contacts/groups:
  • PRECEDENCE - All tours with the official General Assembly Tour Guides take precedence over external tour groups
  • SIZE - Group size cannot exceed 40 individuals. (During COVID-19 restrictions, tour cannot exceed 10 persons)
  • DATE - Any tour group wishing to bring a group of more than 5 people to the Capitol must arrange a date and time for their tour at least 3 business days in advance by calling 1-800-868-7672. Groups without advance reservations may not be able to complete their tour, depending on space and scheduling limitations.
  • CHECK IN - Upon arrival, all groups of more than 5 individuals will be expected to check in with the Information Desk before beginning a tour of the Capitol. Check-ins will allow us to ensure appropriate time distancing between groups in arriving at tour locations.
  • ROUTE - All groups will be given a designated route through the building for their tour, to ensure that more than one tour group does not attempt to see the same space at the same time. The standard tour route is outlined below.
  • PUBLIC ACCESS - Information on areas which are open to public tours and those which are not is available at the Information Desk daily. Groups are prohibited from entering areas not designated as open to public tours.
  • FLOOR ACCESS - Senate Chamber Floor and House Chamber Floor access is denied - unless escorted by respective Legislator or staffer. Weekend tours will need to contact the Senate Secretary's Office and/or House Parliamentarian's Office to make arrangements for Floor access. In some cases, security might not be available to permit weekend or afterhours access.
Standard Tour Route:
Stop #1 - Meet in Main Rotunda (8-10 min.) - take elevator to 4th Floor
Stop #2 - Senate Gallery (8-10 min.) - walk to Courtroom (if Courtroom permission granted)
Stop #3 - Courtroom - By Permission Only - subject to denied access due to judicial scheduling
Stop #4 - House Gallery (8-10 min.)
Standard Tour Timing is 30-40 minutes. No extensions.
These new practices will better allow us to coordinate the flow of people through our building and in the public spaces, as well as to help us avoid reaching building capacity restrictions. These considerations are especially important in light of social distancing recommendations and building sanitation guidelines that are in place following the COVID-19 pandemic.
We appreciate your cooperation with these new guidelines, and look forward to welcoming you all back to the Capitol in the near future!